“In just a few short weeks I’ll teach you how to be a professional makeup artist with easy to follow video lessons you can do from home. A lot of people think that you need to go to an expensive school for makeup artistry. I didn’t. I’m self taught and working with some of the most talented people in makeup and entertainment. Stuff that took me years to learn and figure out how to improve upon I will teach you in this course. If I can do it you can do it!”


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William Lemon

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Meet Your Teacher

Will is an incredibly creative and self-taught makeup artist. Over the past few years he has been blowing up the makeup scene with his own unique style and methods. From working with (and personally requested by) the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihana, Marc Jacobs, Ryan Gosling and many many more.

Will was chosen to teach this beauty makeup course because only the best of the best would do! In just a few years he has transformed traditional makeup practices and seriously made his mark. He infuses each part of the course with his one of a kind perspective, passion and humbleness making him a fantastic teacher and showing how easy it is to embrace your own creativity.

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Master Your Makeup!

The Event Makeup Artist (TEMA) is an in-depth training course where you’ll learn every technique you need to produce stunning makeup effects on anyone… regardless of their age, skin tone, or ethnicity.

The modules let you follow along at your own pace… so you can learn as quickly as you want, or take your time to fully understand more complex techniques. This format lets you hone your skills your way… so you can provide exceptional makeup services to your ideal clients!

PLUS… you’re also getting the complete makeup-artist’s business blueprint! Simply having the skills isn’t enough – you need a system for getting and keeping clients, putting your name in front of people who will refer their contacts to you, and charging the right rates to make the kind of income YOU deserve!

You’ll learn everything you need to know to run a profitable, in-demand makeup artistry business… even if you’ve never owned a business in your life!



Return your investment in just one gig. No loans or credit necessary!

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  • Become empowered as a makeup artist with extensive online training videos 
  • Learn how to work less and make more with the e-book: business guide and training manuals
  • Gain extra review and practice with our Beauty Guide e-book and worksheets 
  • Get the most out of your education with Personalized e-learning membership 
  • Pump up your portfolio with a Certificate of completion 


  • How to start living your dream lifestyle
  • How to get clients and start making real money
  • Industry and trade secrets
  • How to apply makeup to any face, ethnicity and skin color

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We put a lot of love into what we do and whether you sign-up for our course or not we wanted to share our passion with you.

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